After months of speculation, trash talking, and "unfriending" Facebook friends that disagree with you, it's finally time to vote.

Here's five ways you can celebrate the end of the 2016 Presidential election, right here in the Cowboy State!


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    Play The Election Drinking Game At Your Favorite Bar

    Wyoming has plenty of great neighborhood bars who will have their TV's set to election coverage Tuesday night. Take a shot, or buy somebody else a shot, every time your candidate takes a state.

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    Pick Out A New Pantsuit At The Mall

    Pay tribute to the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. The best pantsuit selections in the state are at the Eastridge Mall in Casper or Cheyenne's Frontier Mall.

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    Ask For "The Donald" At Your Babershop

    Celebrate the GOP nominee by rocking his famous hair-do. Next time you're at the barber, just ask for "The Donald."

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    Pick Up A Discounted Donald Or Hillary Mask

    Halloween is over, which means huge savings on Trump and Clinton masks! Spirit Halloween is offering up to 60% off for those of you that like to be frugal when picking up a presidential mask.

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    No Matter Who Wins, Remember To Completely Overreact

    Remember that even if your candidate loses, they probably weren't going to help your problems anyway.



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