As the 2017 Solar Eclipse draws near, lots of people are searching for ways to safely view the upcoming event.

Here are 5 easy and safe ways to view the upcoming solar event according to the American Astronomical Society, regardless of where you might be located a the time of the event crosses the USA on Monday, August 21st, 2017.

Remember Safety First when preparing to view the upcoming eclipse. Viewing the eclipse safely requires the use of ISO 12312-2 standard viewing glasses or solar shields, welder's lenses of shade 14 or higher, pinhole viewers, a pegboard or lens solar filters for cameras and telescopes.  Be sure all direct viewing devices are scratch and defect free.  Even wrinkled viewing glasses can cause damage to your eyes, so if you're not sure about your device, either meeting ISO standards or if they might be damaged - it's safer to discard them than to risk damaging your eye sight.



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