Why doesn't the city put up bat boxes to help control the mosquito population? The instance of rabies from bats is almost non-existent so it is a viable option.


"Over time, the City has tried to utilize some bat boxes and some community groups, including Boy Scouts and FFA have constructed and installed bat boxes in the past. Game and Fish has been a partner on some of these projects.

To our knowledge, none of the boxes have been inhabited. We are not certain if that was due to a result of the construction, placement, or just that the few bats that we have here already have a home they are happy with. In general, our insect population is not particularly rich, and as noted in various articles, mosquitoes are not a favorite food source for bats.

Skunks and bats are the most often tested rabid animals in the state, with skunks far ahead in overall numbers. Wyoming had a human fatality last summer due to a bat bite, and although rare, rabies is 100% fatal if not treated.

The City does not discourage the installation of bat boxes. However, with the current budget constraints and the lack of success in previous attempts to attract bats to the houses that have been installed, this project would be low priority.

Questions can be directed to Mosquito Control at 307-721-5056."

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