Comic book fanatics (like myself) and Batman enthusiast the world over are now in a collective uproar over the latest news: Ben Affleck will replace Christian Bale as Batman in the upcoming, still untitled 2015 Zack Snyder crossover. So far it hasn't been stated whether or not this will be a sequel to Man of Steel (we all hope not) or stand-a-lone crossover of the Supes and Bats.

I actually like Ben Affleck as an actor and director... but only in certain roles. Ever since his best bud Matt Damon stepped out as an action star with the Bourne movies, it seems he's tried to do the same, and pretty much failed. We all remember 2003's colossal train wreck, Daredevil.

*This is really hard to watch*

Here's to hoping casting changes between now and actual shooting. As much as I wanted to like Man of Steel, the story line was horrid (at best!!!). Which was a serious let down considering the amount of talent in the cast. With this Ben Affleck stunt, I'm quickly losing all faith in Snyder. His best work may now be behind him (see also: 300, Watchmen & Suckerpunch).


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