I have to wonder what it is like to work at an emergency room in Yellowstone. I bet those paramedics, nurses, and doctors have the craziest stories. This woman in this video could have easily been one of those kinds of stories. Lucky for her this photo op was just a close encounter.

Sadly, situations like these are too common in Yellowstone. People just can’t help getting closer and closer to these wild animals. They don’t realize they are literally putting life and limb on the line. The thing that gets me about this woman in the video is she returns for a second time to photograph the bison.

As a photographer, I understand the desire to get that great shot, but safety should come first. I’m glad that the person who took this video obviously has a telephoto lens. They were smart enough to stay far away. Whoever edited the video put music behind the shot that makes this situation comical, thankfully no one was hurt and we can laugh at the situation. Or at least laugh so we don't cry.

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