If there's one thing Brad Paisley has learned in his career, it's that NOBODY gets to the top by themselves. He credits the education he got at his Alma Mater with giving him not only an education, but a huge opportunity as well.


Brad graduated from Belmont University with a degree in business administration back in 1995. He often states that he couldn't have gotten the education he did without a little help. He got that from a scholarship that was supported by another fair to middlin' guitar picker named Vince Gill.

So, he's just doing a little "paying it forward" with this newest endowment. It's called the Brad Paisley Endowed Scholarship that will provide needed financial assistance to a student in need attending the  Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business at Belmont.

It seems only logical that a man who has been so richly blessed would do such a thing, but, unfortunately there are many who do not. Good on Brad for his work on this scholarship and the many other philanthropic work he has done.

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