A Cheyenne woman will celebrate her 96th birthday next Friday, April 22, with a very special bike ride.

To roll out its Cycling Without Age program, Miles of Smiles will be giving Aspen Wind resident Mary Terwilliger a free ride on a specialized electric bike called a trishaw.

"These trishaws are designed for safe access to get in and out of the rickshaw with an ideal set up with passengers in front for the best view," the organization said in a press release.

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"Volunteers will be taking the elderly residents of Sierra Hills and Aspen Wind along the Cheyenne Greenway, allowing for opportunities to get outside, share stories, and have a sense of adventure by feeling the wind in their hair," the organization added.

The program will run throughout the summer and into the fall, weather permitting.


Cheyenne Captain Kelsey Devereaux, who is working to seek sponsors, develop the program, and organize volunteers, says the goal is to continue to expand the program with additional trishaws in more facilities and day programs to get all those with physical or mental challenges back on bikes.

"We want to remind the community that everyone has a right to experience adventure regardless of perceived limits such as being too old or too weak," said Devereaux.

"My hope through this program is to address the system and equipment restrictions that narrow our world, to change the idea of what is possible regardless of these limitations," she added.

For more information about the program or to volunteer, you can contact Devereaux at (206) 914-1543 or kelsey.devereaux@caringedge.com.

CORRECTION: Our original story indicated the birthday girl was turning 94, not 96. Devereaux says Terwilliger's daughter corrected her after she sent out the press release. 

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