Most comedians that joke about the Cowboy State aren't funny. This lady however, is hilarious!

Enter Karen Rontowski. She has a full stand up special on the Dry Bar Comedy YouTube channel called: "Wyoming Is Boring". It's worth noting, cracking jokes on Wyoming is only like 45 seconds worth of the entire 50 minute special, but it got me to click on it, so point for Dry Bar Comedy. But her delivery and the fact that she pretty much picks on everybody, made me watch the entire special.

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I also must admit, I did my research on Ms. Karen Rontowski and in addition to be being a stand-up comedian, she also does tarot readings. Her website literally has two separate sections: one for the readings and one for her comedy. The 55-year old funny woman is also a paranormal hunter and has hosted a panel at the Los Angeles Comic-Com.

Is there anything she can't do?

Wyoming jokes aside (which if I'm being honest, I did laugh at), you've got to give her special a watch. It's definitely worth it.

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