In an effort to get around the Wind River Canyon, some motorists are braving the Wyoming landscape in order to avoid taking the long way around, and the results have been disastrous.

Emergency crews in Fremont County have authorized a number of county and dirt road closures in the Moneta and Lysite areas, because some motorists have tried to use them to get around the Wind River Canyon, which is closed due to a number of rock and mudslides.

The weather system that caused the mess on US Highway 20, also left a lot of moisture in the surrounding areas, thus county and dirt roads are turning into mud traps for motor vehicles.

Some have misjudged the severity of the situation, and have become stuck as a result.

Only those who live in the area are allowed to enter.

Motorists entering a road closure area without permission, are subject to fines and may also have to reimburse the cost for search and rescue efforts.

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