From the very first notes of Craig Morgan‘s new single ‘More Trucks Than Cars,’ you’ll know you’re in for a no tricks, no twists country song from the man who’s made a living painting a scenic picture of rural America. The song is as genuine as any Morgan has released. It’s only muted by his own strong catalog of (other) farm boy hits. 

The title tells the story, but Morgan takes one through his quaint small town life anyway.

Out here on the backside of that city limit sign where the world turns two lane / Pretty girl working at the bank and the fella toppin’ off your tank knows your name / Water tower, power lines, swimming holes rusty old RC cola sign / And county fairs, raise your hands up if you’ve been there,” he sings, sounding as confident as ever.

Before releasing the ‘This Ole Boy’ album, Morgan promised the collection of songs would be true to what fans wanted, admitting that the risks he took on his last album with Sony didn’t necessarily pay off. He’s lived up to that promise, but we’d still like to see this talented singer stretch his artistry a little more. His titles are blending together.

The chorus goes: “Where there’s biscuits, grits and gravy and the waitress calls you baby / And the starlight’s like a streetlight on a summer night / We say hell yeah and amen, yeehaw and y’all come back again / And pray that our boys come home alive / And when Old Glory flies we still hold our hands over our hearts / Where there’s more trucks than cars.”

As this is a song review and not a commentary on Morgan’s career, that business about branding won’t affect his score. ‘More Trucks Than Cars’ is pure country, with the only criticism being it’s not an original in a category he’s refined.

4 Stars

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