There's almost nothing more scary in the world of relationships than dipping your toes in the dating pool. Nothing, that is, except being ghosted.

As if dating wasn't hard enough, there's always the specter of starting a relationship, thinking it's going well, only for the other person to suddenly stop talking to you.

The phrase "ghosted" is a relatively modern phrase describing a behavior that has happened in human history since...well, ever. It is, in essence, the abrupt end of communication between two people. We're talking radio silence. And according to Forbes Health, Wyomingites are more likely to experience ghosting than residents of other states.

What is Ghosting?

Technically, ghosting can happen between friends, relatives, and coworkers, but most people associate the phrase with romantic partners. Ghosting can happen at any point in a relationship. Psychology Today notes that the practice of ghosting isn't new; it's more prevalent today - according to one study, "approximately 25 percent of men and women reported having been ghosted in a romantic relationship, and 22 percent admitted to having ghosted someone else."

Why Do People 'Ghost' Their Partners?

Psychology Today explains that the practice of ghosting allows the person to cut off communication to avoid confrontation and responsibility...essentially, it lets them ignore the hard parts of ending a relationship.

The Forbes Health survey found that one reason for ending the relationship stood out significantly among respondents: differing expectations. Almost half of respondents identified expectations as their reason for ghosting someone. Similarly, 47% of respondents pointed to personality as the reason for ghosting, "and a little more than 45% admitted they weren’t invested enough to feel like they needed to respond to the other person."

Your Chances of Getting #Ghosted in Wyoming

According to a new survey by Forbes Health, Wyomingites have a ridiculously high chance of getting ghosted in the relationship market. The survey analyzed a pool of 5,000 individuals who had dated in the last five years. The results showed that 76% of respondents had been ghosted during that time - ouch! But Wyoming fared worse than most. The survey data showed that 90% of surveyed Wyomingites had been ghosted in the last five years. The Equality State earned the distinction of 2nd Worst State for Ghosting as a result (tied with North Dakota.) Neighboring Colorado ranked 5th as the Worst State for Ghosting.

Check out the survey results across the country below, or visit the full Forbes Health article here.

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