This video of Denver Zoo lions is proof that all cats love boxes.

All Cats Love Boxes, Even Denver Zoo Lions

There's something special about boxes to cats, maybe it's because they're dying to know what's inside, maybe because they need to know if they can fit in the box. This video of the lions at the Denver Zoo just goes to show that all cats love boxes.

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Zoo Keepers Collected Boxes For Months For This Moment

The zookeepers at the Denver Zoo have been collecting boxes for the last three months for this very moment. Zookeepers created lion-sized forts and pathways for the lions and they absolutely loved it.

Watch Denver Zoo Lions Have a Blast With Boxes

The months of preparation were so worth it. Watch this video of the Denver Zoo lions proving that all cats really do love boxes, even cats as big as them.

Now that you've watched the video, here's a play-by-play of what the Denver Zoo lions think of all of these fun boxes.

Look: Lions at Denver Zoo Prove That All Cats Love Boxes

Look at the lions at the Denver Zoo playing with a ton of boxes. These pictures of Denver Zoo lions prove that all cats love boxes.

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