Growing up on the plains of Nebraska, tunnels were always an exotic event. Any long car trip across Colorado or Wyoming was made bearable by the knowledge that we'd be driving through tunnels!

Look, It was the 80's. These were the kind of things that we kids would entertain ourselves with between begging to stop at every McDonald's. Even having a Walkman and headphones was a big deal then.

According to some webpage, there are several tunnels in Wyoming, counting railroads and highways. The only one I've even been through is the Green River Tunnel on I-80. It's one of three tunnels on Interstate-80, according to some person on the internet.

The Green River Tunnel is conveniently located near Green River, Wyoming in Sweetwater County. It is 1,138.2 feet through the rock of the Rocky Mountains. Long enough to get the full tunnel experience, but not too long so as to freak out your claustrophobic passengers. Well, freak them out too much, anyway.


The Green River Tunnel is not the longest tunnel in Wyoming. That title belongs to Shoshone Canyon Tunnel at the Buffalo Bill Dam near Cody, Wyoming. It is almost three miles long. You may have gone through it traveling on Highway 16/20 to or from Yellowstone.

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These tunnels are super awesome! Not only do I marvel at the engineering mastery that it took to build them, but for their positional as post-apocalyptic hideouts.

What? Am I the only one that drives through a tunnel and judges it based on its possible usefulness in a The Stand situation?

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