It's a case where art imitates life. Easton Corbin didn't find an understanding police officer in his new video for 'All Over the Road,' or in the state of Illinois where he was caught speeding in 2011. His real-life crime wasn't nearly as spicy as what he was caught doing in the video reel, but it was much more expensive.

Corbin was stopped for speeding in a construction zone while hauling a motorcycle he'd just purchased back to Nashville. As a result, he's about $1,000 lighter these days. "You know, it's only about 45 or 50 in this construction zone," the singer explained to ABC radio. "Well, by the time I get past this semi, I'm going 80." Pluaski County, Ill. records show the arrest happened in Aug. 2011.

Actually, the officer said he was doing 85. No amount of fame is going to get you out of that ticket -- not that he was trying. "I had to hire an attorney to come pay my ticket," Corbin reveals. "It ended up costing me a thousand bucks. I was like, 'I will never speed again in my life.'"

'All Over the Road' is the second single and title track from Corbin's latest album. It's currently in the Top 10 and climbing.

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