Eric Church‘s hit song, ‘Springsteen’ borrows the name of the New Jersey rock and roll star, but the tune isn’t exactly about Bruce Springsteen, per se. If you’ve listened — and we know you have — you know that ‘Springsteen’ is more about nostalgia and good memories than it is about the Boss himself. But that doesn’t mean that the iconic rocker doesn’t have an opinion about the song which bears his name. In fact, he likes it so much that he sent Church a handwritten note.

The letter was delivered straight from Springsteen’s manager, Wayne LeBeaux. “As they were leaving the Fenway show, [Springsteen] said, ‘Wayne, what are you doing this weekend?’ ‘I’m going to see Eric Church.’ ‘No kidding,’ and [Springsteen] took out a set list and wrote me a great note,” Church explained to Billboard. “[He] filled up the whole back of the set list talking about how he was a fan of the song, how his family was a fan of the song.”

Not only did Church get an encouraging note from the Boss, but Springsteen completed it by signing the bottom. “He signed it and said, ‘I hope we cross paths somewhere,’ and told [LeBeaux], ‘Make sure you deliver this to Eric,’” the country star said.

Needless to say, Church was completely blown away by the special letter. “It’s a pretty incredible note. It’s the first time I’ve officially heard from him,” the ‘Springsteen’ singer explained. “I had heard he was a fan of the song, but it’s the first time I officially heard. It means the world to me — and the set list is three hours and 37 minutes. That impressed me, too.”

Apparently, Bruce Springsteen is just the type of guy who likes to pass out handwritten notes. In 2002, he wrote Kenny Chesney to thank him and give him a stamp of approval on his cover of Springsteen’s song ‘One Step Up.’ We have a feeling that no gold record or big shot award stacks up against a personal letter from the one and only Boss.

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