Eric Church's "Monsters" lyrics were inspired by common childhood fears that his son, Boone, expressed to him.

Boone, who is seven years old, asked his famous father for a little more light in his bedroom at bedtime, inspiring the lyrics to "Monsters." The song talks about the monsters we all must vanquish in life, both real and imaginary, and as Church tells iHeartRadio, the "Monsters" lyrics took on a new life for him after his performances at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas in October of 2017. A lone gunman opened fire on the crowd on the festival's third and final night, killing 59 people and injuring hundreds more.

“I think ‘Monsters’ after Vegas became more real to me,” Church says.

See the lyrics to Eric Church's "Monsters" below.

Eric Church's "Monsters" Lyrics:

I killed my first monster when I was seven years old / He melted like butter in my bathroom's sixty-watt bulb / Kept a three-cell MagLite from Daddy's workshop drawer / Under my pillow and I'd pull it like a sword

Anymore when a restless feelin' keeps me up at night / Fallin' on my knees is my new turnin' on the light / I keep my faith intact, make sure my prayers are said / 'Cause I've learned that the monsters ain't the ones beneath the bed

The wolf hunts a hungry man and the devil a lonely heart / A minefield of bad decisions lay hidin' in the dark / Greed stalks, sickness steals, and pride lays a wicked trap / You can't avoid 'em all, no, you gotta trust me on that

Repeat Chorus

Daddy, check my closet, leave on the bathroom light / I smile and say "All clear" when I tuck him in for the night / But Daddy, I'm still scared, can I sleep with you instead? / I kneel down beside my little man and I bow my head

Repeat Chorus

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