Over the weekend my Facebook Messenger account was over run with concerned FB friends warning me about befriending the mysterious hacker - Jayden K. Smith.

Who is Jayden K. Smith?  I've go no idea.  Kind of wish it was me, because whomever was actually born with that real name is now famous!  But for the wrong reasons.

If there's one thing I despise it's hoaxes that are propagated with reckless abandon.  You see the hoax and forward it out without first doing some "fact checking".  Of course you've all heard the term 'Fake News', so why would you participate in spreading something that's fake to begin with?

There is of great websites that can help squash or confirm rumor or hoaxes including Snopes.com.  According to Snopes.com this "Do Not Accept this Friend Request" HOAX has been going around Facebook since 2009.

They all start and finish pretty much the same way - Do Not (blah, blah, action),  sent by (some name or email), with a a resulting damage or embarrassing action or digital danger will happen to you or your computer.

Variants of these hoaxes pop up all the time.  So the next time you see one, fact or hoax check it, then squash it by deleting it and not forwarding the hoax and adding to the confusion.

FYI - you cannot be hacked by accepting anyone's Facebook friend request.  You have to open a file or click on a web link in order to activate a virus on your phone or computer and give hackers access to your info.  No you know.

You can bet there will be more of these type hoaxes in the future so remember - When it doubt, look it up!!

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