As Wyoming residents prepare for election day, here's five reasonable goals that we hope our newly appointed State Legislators can achieve.

1. End Wyoming's senseless war on chocolate chip cookies - Three times since 1995, a bill to designate chocolate chip as the official state cookie has died in committee. With all due respect to oatmeal raisin and sugar cookies, it's time for our elected officials to finally step up and tackle this tough issue head on.

2. Call off the dogs - Did you know Wyoming is one of the few states without an official state dog? We have a state reptile, a state mammal, a state fish, a state bird, a state butterfly and even a state dinosaur, but not a state dog. My vote's for the golden retreiver.

3. Quit Jackaloping around - On three separate occasions, the House has voted overwhelming in favor of naming the Jackalope as our official state mythological creature. Despite bipartisan support, the bill has yet to make it past a Senate committee.

4. Bring out the big guns - If any place deserves to have an official state gun, it's Wyoming. In 2013, a bill nominating a .454 revolver as the official firearm failed. Clearly, the Cowboy State should have our own official handgun, rifle and shotgun.

5. Stop being so square - The movement to declare square dancing as Wyoming's official state dance dates back nearly 20 years. First introduced in 1997, similar bills have failed to pass, leaving us without an official state dance (Arizona has one).

Perhaps, however, that's been a blessing in disguise. After all, most reasonable people could agree that the official dance of Wyoming should be the electric slide.

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