Everyone has their own way of finding some peace and quiet. For you, it might be a mellow walk down on the Platte River Trails. For me, it's watching a Montana driver get stopped dead in their tracks by hundreds of elk.

According to the video description, this special traffic moment was captured a couple weeks ago near Paradise Valley, Montana. Try counting all the elk that cross in front of this guy. I dare you.

The best part of this? Read the guy's description and you'll see what I mean:

I was coming home from a successful elk hunt on Friday morning January 29th 2021 about 9am, when I saw these elk running next to the road. I slowed down so I wouldn't keep them from crossing the highway.

That's right. He was coming home...from a successful elk hunt...and then got trolled by hundreds of elk. Ironic. It was nature's way of saying "hope you had a good time on your elk hunt".

For what it's worth, Paradise Valley is a gorgeous part of Montana just south of Livingston. If you haven't traveled to or through there, I highly recommend it. I hear the elk hunting is great this time of year.

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