Here it comes. No, not Winter, we already had one of those. The incoming onslaught of fictitious headlines, products, and videos designed to try to trick you, even if it's just for a second. For some, that trick might actually last longer than it was meant to be. I know a friend who only just found out that the hoverboard video from 2014 was a April Fool's Joke.

April Fool's. Once upon a time, it was a day when you played innocent tricks on your friends or classmates. Saran Wrap over the toilet bowl, tape under their computer mouse, or shaving cream on their hand while they're sleeping.

Nowadays, April Fool's has become a competition for every business to show how "hip," and "fun," they are. Look at how much we laugh at ourselves! Look how relatable we are! (Also, buy our products.)

Get ready to seriously scrutinize every headline you see, every product that suddenly becomes available in the next week, and every proclamation your friends make on facebook. Also, just remember: Pregnancy pranks are tacky. Don't do it.

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