If you put together a string of three multi-platinum albums and 24 top 10 singles, you might start to relax a little. Not Keith Urban, though -- the singer recently hit the road for his Get Closer tour, and he devoted plenty of thought to giving his fans the best concert experience possible.

During a recent behind-the-scenes segment for Yallwire, Urban went into some of the hard work behind the setup for the tour, discussing the stage's theme park vibe, his decision to perform in the round, and his continued quest to preserve an element of unpredictability, even as the shows get bigger and more elaborate.

"There is something about the adrenaline, electricity and on edge unpredictability that I love," Urban explained. "I think that's what live concerts are about." Although he admitted that, "When it gets to this level of production, everything is so thought out and there's not much spontaneity left," he talked about trying to counteract it: "We're trying to keep some real life in the show, to pull people out of the audience. It's random."

"Everything is in the moment and just on the edge of disaster," added Urban, who went over the edge -- literally -- when he fell off the stage during the opening show of the tour. But his main concern is for the safety of the fans: "

At one show in Memphis, the [building's] railing gave way and it made me nervous about getting too close to people up high. They get excited, lean over. It's a terrible feeling. I am trying to find that balance between not letting them get too crazy and letting them respond to the moment too!"

Urban's latest single, 'Long Hot Summer,' is rising up the country charts, where it rose to number 26 during the week of July 4.

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