With the widening of the Laramie River bridge, what accommodation is being made for the Greenbelt, such as raising the bridge to allow the Greenbelt to be raised below or build ramps to pavement level and a crosswalk? As is, the Greenbelt is flooded beneath much of the bridge.


"The area in question was a topic of discussion during the design of the Harney Street project with WYDOT. City staff discussed making some accommodations for the trail under the bridge due to frequent flooding with no avail. The current project does include a connection from the trail to the sidewalk along the east side. It does not include a crosswalk at this location due to concern for pedestrian/bicycle safety. The design team didn't feel that was an appropriate location for a crosswalk. City staff will continue to review options for future changes to improve this situation if and when funding becomes available."

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