Tonight's episode of American Idol was exciting as can be if you are a fan of Country music. Haley Reinhart, the self proclaimed rocker from the show was sent home after a record breaking vote on Tuesday night. I do think Haley deserved to be in the top three and I knew a lot of people who really liked her, but I must admit it is awesome to see a Country boy and a Country girl in the American Idol finale. It might have just been the rain on the day of Haley's hometown parade, but after I saw the turnout for her hometown visit to Chicago I had a pretty good feeling she was heading home. One thing that really bugged me about Haley was that for some reason I thought she came across as being somewhat stuck up on the show. I wonder if that didn't play a part in tonight's results.

I have always enjoyed watching the hometown visits of the final three contestants from American Idol. It is amazing how much support people can gain just from being on a TV show. Fans from all over united to come and watch their favorites whether it was in Garner, North Carolina for Scotty or Rossville, Georgia for Lauren. These two obviously had a huge following that showed up for their trip home. I am just glad that Jacob Lusk didn't have a hometown visit because if he did there would have been so much crying that he wouldn't have been able to control himself! Topping things off Josh Turner even showed up to sing with Scotty McCreery which makes me wonder if this will happen again on an album in the future; I hope so. Personally I am predicting a big win for Scotty McCreery as season 10 of American Idol draws to a close. Fortunately it doesn't have to be the end if you can catch the American Idol's Live 2011 Tour. Unfortunately the closest concert for us in Laramie is in Utah, a lovely 6 hour drive! Ryan Seacrest also announced tonight that if you think you are the next American Idol, season 11 audition spots are available online now.  Well now I guess there is only one question left, Scotty McCreery or Lauren Alaina? Cast your vote in the comments section below!