Country duo Honey County build on echoing harmonies and rippling, '70s-esque melodies to create their free-floating "Love Hangover," a carefree ode to finding love — at least for one night — with a stranger at a crowded bar.

Bandmates Dani Rose and Sofie Lynn formed their duo in L.A., and they use their patented pop-heavy, West Coast vocal harmonies to full effect in their mesmerizing new tune, which is out just in time for Valentine's Day. However, "Love Hangover" focuses more on lust than it does on love.

"Saw you from across the bar, tossin' back a few Bud Lights / I shouldn't, but I really wanna make you mine," the first verse begins, over a pulsing beat. "I could tell that you were trouble from a mile away / I'll be feelin' it tomorrow..."

Between the intoxicating effects of both alcohol and an intriguing new love interest, Honey County's new song revels in a carefree night, putting off any consequences until the morning. In the weeks leading up to the release of "Love Hangover," the duo posted a tongue-in-cheek video detailing the vibe they wanted to achieve with the song, with a brainstorming session that included "dance party," "a little bit dangerous" and "cocktails!"

But even though carefree nights often lead to hungover mornings, Honey County's "Love Hangover" is a ride worth taking, even when the cold light of morning comes.

"'Cause you're a love hangover / Even when I'm sober / I would do it all over again," the bandmates sing in the chorus. "You got me high, I'm buzzin' / Make it double or nothin' / Wanna do it all over again / C'mon, get closer, pour me another / Bring on your love hangover..."

"Love Hangover" officially drops on Friday (Feb. 12.) You can pre-order the song now.

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