If you love the TV series Yellowstone, you need to see the trailer for the new Kevin Costner movie. I believe John Dutton would be very proud of this.

The movie is called "Let Him Go". It's the story of a retired sheriff and his wife who are mourning the death of their son. They set out to rescue their grandson who is now part of a very vicious family. See if you don't see a little John Dutton attitude in this one.

You have to believe that the evil family hitting Kevin Costner's wife played by Academy award winner Diane Lane isn't going to end well for whoever did the hitting. By the looks of the trailer, it looks like Kevin is perfecting the John Dutton tough guy vibe.

According to IMDb, "Let Him Go" is scheduled to be in theaters on November 6, 2020. As for Yellowstone, the word is that filming has started near Missoula on Season 4 with rumors saying it will be available on the Paramount Network next summer sometime. Can't come soon enough.

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