Followup to the previous question about Inca Street. It's not the amount of traffic, but the speeds at which some people are driving. I live on Inca and Toltec and have noticed an increase in speeding cars and trucks. Will it take injury of a child or one of the many pedestrians to change your view?


"On July 4th, 2017, in response to concerns about traffic on Inca, Laramie Police Department deployed radar recorders to evaluate traffic flow in this area. Radar recorders accumulated speed data over a 5 day period so decisions could be made on whether to direct police patrols for traffic enforcement. During this time, it was recorded that 1,245 vehicles traveled either north or south on Inca. Of those vehicles, a total of 12 were driving at speeds faster than 34 mph. The fastest vehicle recorded was traveling northbound at a speed of 42 mph. Based on the radar recorder data, it has been determined that there is not a speeding concern on Inca. This is the second time concerns about excessive speeding on Inca have been evaluated. The previous deployment, which took place in 2016, yielded similar data results. If you see potential traffic concerns, the best course of action is to immediately call the Laramie Police Department Dispatch at 307-721-2526, or in an emergency situation, dial 911."


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