According to his record, this lawyer hasn't lost a case since 1969. A real-life Billy Flynn, he's been inducted into the American Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame. Not only that, but he was born in Laramie and graduated from the University of Wyoming Law School. This lawyer that's proclaimed as the "Greatest Trial Lawyer in History?" Gerry Spence.

Gerry is semi-retired now at the age of 90, and he and his wife split their time between Jackson, WY and Santa Barbara, CA. Spence started his career in Riverton, and got his feet wet in the insurance industry. According to his website, he decided to put his skills as a defense lawyer to work for those that needed him most. "The poor, the injured, the forgotten, and the damned," became his clientele.

Spence founded the nationally acclaimed Trial Lawyers College, that assists in training lawyers with his revolutionary techniques. He's also the founder of the Lawyers and Advocates for Wyoming, a pro-bono law firm. Cases of his were even adapted for Hollywood movies staring the likes of Cher and Meryl Streep. An author, a world-renowned lawyer, and philanthropist, Gerry Spence is a Wyoming born-and-bred success story.

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