The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem has up to 8 wolf packs with over 500 wolves, that's quite a different story than in 1975 when the Yellowstone wolf restoration project began.

When the park was established in 1872, wolves were a part of the area, but by 1926 the last gray wolf in the park was killed.

When the process for re-introducing the wolves to Yellowstone began, it wasn't that easy of a transition. It took nearly 20 years before 31 wolves were brought into the park from Canada. Then 2 years later 10 more from northwestern Montana.

Since the mission to bring the wolf population back, every couple years they were listed as endangered. Then a couple years after that, they'd be delisted. This went of until the wolf was finally delisted for good in 2017.

If you visit the park, and get to the right locations, the chances of seeing a wolf are pretty good. Taking a guided tour is always a great way to see wildlife, including wolves, because the guides know where the certain animals are likely to be found.

The YouTube channel and Instagram pages @YellowstoneTwins, is a pair of identical twins that enjoy exploring and sharing what they find in Yellowstone. Over the years, they've captured many mesmerizing photo's and videos of the incredible wildlife.

Just like anything, the more you do something, the more experiences you're going to have. In one of their most recent videos from this winter, they were able to catch a wolf pack on camera just hanging out and howling. They estimate the wolves were about a mile away, but with a zoom lens they could capture them like they were right there.

The description says the area the wolves were spotted is known territory of the Junction Butte Wolf Pack.

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