It's been a rough winter. Cold, snow, shoveling, shivering and it's safe to say, we're ready for boating season.

Jay Fountain
Jay Fountain

Wyoming's water options are some of the best in the west. Whether it's skiing at Alcova, floating on the North Platte, cruising on Boysen, paddle boarding on Jenny Lake or fishing at Glendo, there's something available on the water for everyone.

Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media
Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

How ready are you to get on the water?

Mentally, probably pretty ready...but technically, maybe not quite ready.

Not only has it been a rough winter, but it's also been a long winter. There's a good chance you parked your boat in September or October of last year, and it's sat for the last few month.

During those months, many things could've happened.

  • Mice or other critters may've moved into your boat and chewed through your wires, cushions, life jackets or seats.
  • Batteries may've gone dead
  • Tires could be flat
  • Fishing poles may be a mess
  • Leftover items may be spoiled
  • Strange smells coming from odd places
  • Registration expired
  • Kayak cracked

The list goes on and on of things that could've gone wrong.

Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media
Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

Making sure you're ready for the first chance you have to get on the water, is important. We're still a little bit from having those boating days, but that doesn't mean you can start getting ready. If you take a couple days now, prepping your boat, you'll be ready to rock when then time comes.

Take a look at this list of things to check out on your water vessel from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

  • Engine and fuel system.
    • Look at your belts and hoses
    • check the fluids
    • look for leaks
  • Electrical
    • Clean all connections
    • Check battery charge
    • Test all lighting
  • Trailer Maintenance
    • Test trailer light connection
    • Make sure all lights are working
    • Check air level and condition of tires
  • Inventory Safety Equipment.
    • Fire extinguisher
    • horns/whistle
    • life jackets
    • throwable floatation device
  • Check registration
  • Purchase AIS decal
  • Check fishing license and equipment
    • replenish tackle
    • untangle poles
    • organize tackle boxes
    • make sure reels are operational
  • Recreational Devices are in good working condition
    • air up tubes to make sure they hold air
    • check condition of skis and ski ropes for
    • have proper sized life jackets for everyone on the boat
  • Test plugs to make sure they're operational
    • don't forget to remove them before transporting and replace them before hitting the water.

That's a pretty good sized list, that will take longer than a quick once over as you're pulling out to head to the water. Preparing ahead of time is the smart move.

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