Safety options are available to ensure your safety and help rescuers find you in an emergency, thanks to organizations like Natrona County Emergency Management Agency and the Wyoming Department of Homeland Security program, Be 307 Aware.

Wyoming search and rescue personnel conduct an average of more than 300 missions annually across the state for those who become lost or stranded.


The most common missions involve searches for people who were hunting, hiking, snowmobiling, skiing/snowboarding, or they were motor vehicle related. Although several of the people rescued were from out of state, a higher number of them were Wyoming residents.


In Natrona County, the EMA works hard to let adventurers know how to remain safe and what to do in an emergency.


You may see some new Be 307 Aware signs up around Natrona County!
These signs are a reminder of the Be 307 Aware program here in Wyoming. If Search and Rescue is looking for you, they may be able to reach you directly on commercially available hand held FRS/GMRS radios. The Be 307 Aware program allows lost individuals with these radios to turn to CH. 3 and Privacy Code 07 for help from first responders. Search and Rescue Teams will attempt to contact you there, and work to get to you faster.
These types of radios are often carried by the public to talk with each other while recreating in the outdoors. Consider adding one to your pack if you don't already have one!

According to the Wyoming Homeland Security Department, there are eight steps to increase your rescue chances.

  • Buy an FRS/GMRS capable radio or walkie talkie and program the 307 channel into the radio. Program to UHF 462.6125 Privacy Code 85.4 or Channel 3 and Privacy code 07 (307).
  • If, or when, you become stranded, if searchers are looking for you they can attempt to contact you on this channel. It is not a 911 type channel.
  • Always tell someone where you are going and when you plan on coming back. Ask local authorities if a check-in form is available.
  • Pack appropriate gear and supplies. See resource link below.
  • Have a portable radio and have it programmed to the 307 Channel.
  • This channel is not a 911, but it can assist you when monitored by Search and Rescue personnel.
  • Check the weather and avalanche forecast.
  • Search and Rescue personnel will not actively monitor channel.

Another option to increase your chances of rescue is the FREE Backcountry SOS app.

This app works on your Apple or Android phone and allows you to text 9-1-1 in areas where you cannot make a phone call. When you send the text, your GPS location will be and condition to emergency and rescue crews.

Currently, 5 Wyoming counties have the program available.

Download the app and have it on your phone before your next backcountry adventure.

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