We see a lot of interesting videos thanks to social media. Here in Wyoming, it seems like it's always some sort of touron video or bison beating up a vehicle.

Sure, we all enjoy watching those, as long as we're not the subject of the video, but sometimes it's nice to see other wild videos.

I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw this video that I watched 10 times.

It's a video of a rabbit, not backing down from a snake. This rabbit may be the bully in this fight, but wasn't backing down from the fight.

Who knows, these two may be old friends that play around like that all the time. Or, the rabbit had just had enough of the snake messing with it.

One way you deal with a bully is to stand up for yourself and stop them from having any type of power over you.

In this rabbit vs snake scenario, we're just going to assume the snake was bullying the rabbit. The rabbit look danger (the snake) in the eye and doesn't back down. Every time the snake strikes, the rabbit dodges the strike.

The rabbit counters everything the snake throws at it. The wascally wabbit is moving like a ninja when the snake is striking. Eventually the snake has had enough and the rabbit chases the snake off into the tall grass.

I will say the person that posted the video confirmed it wasn't a rattlesnake, but a gopher snake, even though they look similar. There were a series of videos that went on to say the rabbit was a mama rabbit, fighting the snake to protect her babies.

Check out the series of videos here.

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