It's almost that dreaded time of year again. Why is it dreaded? Because all Wyomingites realize one major truth: it's about to start getting darker a lot sooner.

That's right. It's time to set the clocks to "fall back".

Now the good news is, we'll be getting an extra hour of sleep, but again, that also means it's going to start getting dark outside around 5:00 pm until we "spring forward" in March 2024.

This Sunday (November 5th, 2023), at 2:00 am, it will be time to set those clocks back an hour. This is also an excellent time to check things in the home, like smoke detectors (and not just the batteries, often the entire unit needs to be replaced), fire extinguishers and even replacing light bulbs.

Also, this is a great time to review, or in some cases, create a family emergency plan. Good items to have on it are:

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Emergency Numbers (Fire, Police, Ambulance, Family Doctor)
  • First Aid Kit Locations
  • Where To Meet In The Event of An Emergency
  • Plans For Pets

Daylight Saving Time will resume on Sunday, March 10th, 2024 at 2:00 am. If you have trouble remembering which way the clocks go (forward or back), always remember "spring forward" and "fall back".

It is also worth noting that technically speaking, the correct term is in fact Daylight Saving Time (or DST for short), as in no "s" at the end of saving. DST has been around over 100 years. The first DST went into effect on March 31st, 1918.

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