By now, you have probably seen the viral list of "Places Women Absolutely Refuse to Go on a 1st Date".

First things first, this atrocious list was DEFINITELY not made by any Wyoming woman. As matter of fact, from the ladies that we polled, the average single women only took issue with maybe four or five of the places or activities that were listed (we'll get into that more later).

At this point, it's still unclear who originally curated the list to begin with, but for those that haven't seen it, here are all 28 places (pictured below).

As a single man in my mid to late forties, I have my own opinion about this list, but since I'm 47 and single, what do I know?

However, a young Casper women recently shared her opinion on the list via her personal Instagram page, and I am totally onboard with her train of thought on this subject.

Her name is Cari Faye Antonovich and her response is EXACTLY what one might expect from Wyoming lady.

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So ladies (and gentlemen), do you agree with the list or do you agree with Cari's assessment?

Personally, I am ride or die with Ms. Antonovich's opinion.

The only places listed that our female listeners said they agreed with were:

  1. Your House
  2. Fast Food Chains
  3. Family Functions
  4. Church
  5. Movie Night (aka Netflix and Chill)... this is basically just #1 again.

Those make total sense to me. While even all of those aren't bad dates, they do kind of send off the wrong vibes out of the gate. Maybe for later dates they'd be okay, but definitely not the initial one.

All I could think of when I saw this list was it must have be written by either a gold digger or valley girl, because the majority of theses places we either don't have in Wyoming or if you omit them first date, it doesn't leave much else.

*On a personal note, I love The Cheesecake Factory and not because of the cheesecake. There aren't many restaurants with such a robust menu, especially that do it all well! In my opinion, it's the PERFECT place to take a first date, because you have a little bit of everything to choose from and the ambience is semi-romantic, without being overboard.

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