Wyoming has always been known to be one of the more charitable states, but this year, we jumped a little higher compared to the rest of the country.

According to a new study conducted by personal finance website, WalletHub, the Cowboy State was ranked 2nd overall on the annual list, "Most Charitable States for 2024". Only Utah ranked higher this year.

Source: WalletHub
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In order to see how each state ranked, WalletHub stated:

In the spirit of inspiring altruism, WalletHub determined the most charitable of the 50 states by comparing them across 19 key indicators of charitable behavior. Our data set ranges from the volunteer rate to the share of income donated to the share of sheltered homeless.

Here were some of the key metrics that contributed to Wyoming's score:

  • Charities per Capita - 1st
  • Volunteer Hours per Capita - 1st
  • Volunteering & Service - 1st
  • Volunteer Rate - 2nd
  • Percentage of Donated Income - 4th
  • Charitable Giving - 10th
  • Percentage of Population Who Donated Time - 17th

After looking at those numbers, it's pretty easy to see why the Equality State ranked so high this year.

WalletHub also stated that the Untied States as whole, did much better with charitable over the last year. The study said:

’Tis the season for giving, and the latest World Giving Index shows that United States rose to third place in 2022 after a significant decline in 2021 when it was ranked 19th among the most generous countries in the world. U.S. donors in 2022 gave nearly $500 billion to charity, with 64% of the funds coming directly from individuals, according to the National Philanthropic Trust.

The study also stated that Blue States were slightly more generous than Red States, but looking at the top ten, it appears to be pretty close to 50/50.

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