Jackson Dean's new radio single "Fearless" presents as a song with as much bravado as "Don't Come Lookin'," his history-making hit from 2022. Then, the young singer trips.

Sonically and lyrically, "Fearless" is as strong as his debut on Big Machine Records. Dean's full throttle vocals power through the chorus. He lists danger after danger before closing with "I'm fearless, except when it comes to you."

It's here we learn something new about the enigmatic Dean. Songs from Greenbroke (2022) allude to hard times and the pull of wild horses. "Fearless" may or may not be based on his experiences (Luke Dick and Jonathan Scott Sherwood are cowriters), but the 22-year-old has no problem convincing us it was. That kind of storytelling at such a young age is dangerous is the very best of ways.

Did You Know?: When "Don't Come Lookin'" hit No. 1 on the Mediabase chart, Dean became the youngest, male solo artist ever to hit No. 1 with a debut single.

Listen to Jackson Dean's "Fearless":

Jackson Dean's "Fearless" Lyrics:

I believe in ghosts, most people don't / I swear it on my grandpa's grave / I've seen 'em in the trees / I've seen 'em in my dreams / And I still can't stay away / My heart wants to wonder / Here and over yonder / I let you come along and take it / And maybe you're the right one / The right by my side one / Or maybe you're the one that's gonna break it.

'Cause I'm fearless / I'll jump off the ledges / Burn all the bridges, walk on the edges / I'm fearless / I don't mind the shadows / Take all the arrows, ride in the echoes / And I don't mind the night / I don't mind the fight, even if I lose / I got thick skin, I'll dive in, I'm fearless / Except when it comes to you.

So baby, here I am, in the palm of your hand / You got me where you want and you know it / You're lookin' right am me / You're holdin' all the keys / And I don't even care where we're goin’.

Repeat Chorus

I can be a loner, a dog without a home / Or wild like the wild things are / I don't scare easy, as long as you keep me / Square in the middle of your arms.

Repeat Chorus

When it comes to you / When it comes to you.

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