If you want to get into this year's Super Bowl, you better be a high roller. Super Bowl 58 is set to be the most expensive Super Bowl in history.

As of Thursday, the cheapest solo ticket was sitting at $8,000 on ticket resale site TickPick. For that price, you would get a seat in the upper 300 section, but the site does note that a seat is guaranteed.

If the prices hold, this will go down as the most expensive Super Bowl ticket in history. The current 'high price King' is the 2020 Super Bowl, which saw an average ticket purchase price of $6,370. One of the main drivers for the high price that year is that the home team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, were playing in it. Not the case this year.

This is the first ever Super Bowl to be held in Las Vegas, something that ticket experts are saying is helping drive the prices upwards as fans clamor to spend a full weekend in Sin City and cap it off with the biggest sporting event in the world.

If you were wondering, a ticket to the very first Super Bowl was on average $12.

Location is a big selling factor for 49er fans: Secondary ticket selling website StubHub shows that 26 percent of ticket sales are from California, with 49er fans making the shorter trip to see their favorite team. Kansas and Missouri only make up a combined 7 percent of sales of tickets on their site.

And let's not forget the Taylor Swift impact! She'll likely be in the building, which may bring out more female fans than usual.

No matter how you get in, the 65,000 seat Allegiant Stadium will be packed to the rafters. Super Bowl 58 is set to kickoff Sunday, February 11, at 6:30PM ET.

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