Predictions can be hard, but being this wrong is just amazing.

User u/im_THIS_guy on Reddit came to notoriety in 2021, when he claimed that he has incorrectly picked the Super Bowl winner for 14 years in a row. And his streak has stayed true (untrue?) since!

Just to give some context on how absurd it is to pick the wrong side 16 times in a row: According to an online calculator, the odds of getting a coin flip right (or wrong) 16 times in a row is 0.001526%.

In other words, im_THIS_guy is on one heck of a cold streak.

So, who does he think will win this year? Rejoice San Francisco fans, because he has chosen the Kansas City Chiefs as his winner of Super Bowl 58. Currently, the 49ers are a 2.5 point favorite in most sportsbooks, so he has chosen the underdog — but he notes that he has rooted against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs twice before, and obviously come up short.

On Wednesday, a customer at Caesars took a half-million dollar bet on the 49ers money line at -125, which is currently the second-largest wager on Super Bowl 58, following a million dollar bet on San Fran at -120. If the million dollar bet wins, that bettor will pick up a cool $830,000 in winnings. DraftKings has reported a $500,000 bet also on the 49ers money line. The largest bet backing the Chiefs is a $200,000 bet on the Chiefs to win, getting +110 odds.

The current largest prop bet on the books? Brock Purdy winning MVP at +240. If that ends up being the case, that wager will bring in $480,000 dollars. Not too bad considering Purdy's contract with the San Francisco 49ers pays him 889K for this season.

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