Being stuck in the cold for months make you yearn to be somewhere tropical. I know I do since I'm from a tropical country myself. But flying to someplace like Hawaii would be... pretty costly and seeing many of my friends going to Hawaii makes me want to go there too!

But you know what? We can enjoy a luau in our own sweet LARADISE!

The Laramie Community Recreation Center will be hosting a 'Luau in Laradise' event this FRIDAY! What a way to spend our friYAY right?

This is an all-ages, and family-friendly event! So bring all of your family members, neighbors, and friends, and have a fantastic Friday! Forget the cold, there will be music, hula lessons, a limbo contest, a hula hoop competition, pineapple and coconut bowling, sand castle building, log roll, iceberg in the pools, and rubber ducky races.

Oh, and refreshments including ice cream served in souvenir coconut shells will also be served!

Did we forget to mention there will be prizes for the best beach/luau outfits? Yes, so come in your best fit!

All of this is included with your membership or purchase of a day pass. So, come one, come all folks!!!

The Event

  • Date: Friday, March 3
  • Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
  • Location: Laramie Community Recreation Center (920 Boulder Dr.)
  • Fees: free for members, day pass purchase for non-members
  • For more information, click HERE

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