Laramie knows how to take care of its community; and how to pay it forward. The Laramie High School Class of 1983 decided to Feed it Forward this year. They donated $2,000 to the food program, founded to feed school students lunch. 

The program is new to Albany County School District 1 this year. “It is an account that folks can donate to help buy a kid in need a meal,” said co-founder Cassandra Bushman, food service administrative assistant. The donation adds to a continuing fund created for all ACSD1 students to have lunch, regardless of income. 

Karen Lundahl and Thyra Page both of the ‘83 class, presented the check to Bushman.  

The donation will purchase almost 700 elementary lunches, or over 600 middle school or high school lunches.

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“In the past, our class has donated to the Alumni Fund for the school district. This year, in talking to school district personnel, it seemed more important to feed kids with the soaring cost of food,” Lundahl said. 

“We placed a section on our registration form to donate, and our classmates were super generous this year. We have an amazing class!” she added. 

The program’s goal is “to create a perpetual fund from which all students can receive meals at no charge and regardless of income,” according to the program flyer. The program began earlier this year by Bushman, former ACSD1 communications specialist Angelica Mecham, and Lisa Theis, school success liaison. 

Lack of food can have many adverse effects on students. Data shows that 1 in 8 students lack consistent access to adequate food. Several states in the nation are finding ways to feed students. For more on school lunches, visit the story here

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