With this year being an election year, this seems like a good time to ask about the biggest issue facing Laramie in 2024.

We Got A Lot Of Feedback On A Facebook Post

Yesterday we posed the question on the Laramie Live Facebook page. Last time we checked, 161 comments were listed. While we got too many responses to list every issue put forward by our readers, there were a few that got a lot of support.

Probably the single most mentioned issue was affordable housing. Candice Taylor- Bartolin wrote ''Affordable housing for families. Everything is based around the college or at the very least a roommate situation. As a single mom my roommates are my 12 year old son and our dog.'' 33 people liked her comment, and affordable housing was mentioned repeatedly as a problem in Laramie.

Another common theme was the lack of youth activities. Susan Timm Snooks wrote ''I think that there needs to be something for our children to do instead of being bored. When children are bored and there’s nothing for them to do they go find trouble!! That’s some of the reason why we have kids getting into trouble and being the court system!!''

Her comment struck a chord, garnering 28 likes.

Laramie city government is not exactly loved by all.

There were several negative comments about the city council and/or allegedly overpaid city officials. Ryan Hershey got 40 likes with this comment ""Frivolous overspending by city government. The salaries for our public officials is completely out of line with the rest of the state. Our roads are terrible but we spend as much on parks and recreation as we do on our streets." Several other commenters simply said "city council" and there were several comments about allegedly overpaid appointed positions in city government.

It should be noted that council member Brandon Newman commented on another part of the post that council members only make roughly $8,000-10,000 a year. But other administrative positions are paid much more than that.

Another common theme was the poor condition of city streets and/or the prevalence of potholes. Susan Turley Adler wrote ''The biggest issue I see is the condition of the city street. The best street in town is Grand. I guess the streets are keeping the tire company and auto shops in business.''

Downtown parking was another issue that was brought up several times, as was the general appearance of the city

As we mentioned, there were other issues cited, ranging from water concerns to Laramie "not being the city I grew up in." We had to cut the list at some point to keep it manageable but our poll does allow you to write in your own choice

Take Our Poll And Give Us Your Opinion!

So what is the top concern facing Laramie in 2024? Take our poll and let us know what you think!

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