A Massachusetts mom is learning to monitor her child's screen time after discovering her 5-year-old daughter used her Amazon account to go shopping.

According to CNN, Jessica Nunes claims that she allowed her daughter Lily to use her phone to play games in the car.

As the miles flew by, Lily took advantage of the easy, buyer-friendly setup of the Amazon marketplace. Within days, over $3,000 worth of packages began arriving at the family's home.

"She ordered five pink motorcycles, five blue motorcycles, 10 pairs of cowgirl boots, and a Jeep," Nunes told CNN.

Nunes says the final bill surged to approximately $3,780.

"You just press the yellow button, and you press the brown button," Lila told CNN.

Nunes claims that initially, the items were non-returnable, but after she called Amazon at 2 AM and explained their situation, Amazon agreed to give them a full refund.

Nunes is currently waiting on the child-sized jeep to arrive, so that she can return it for her refund but is hoping to use this as a learning lesson for Lily.

Instead of punishing her, Nunes plans to reward the girl for good behavior.

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"I did tell her that maybe if she acts right, she behaves and she does some chores around the house that we can get her a bike that's more geared towards her age range," Nunes said. "A little slower, maybe."

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