An anonymous man was roasted on Reddit after he was spotted using his phone at full brightness in a movie theater.

A Reddit user shared a photo of the obliviously rude man in the popular MildlyInfuriating sub-forum.

"This guy in front of me at the movie [theater]. He had the brightness all the way up," user Akirex5000 captioned the infuriating snapshot, which shows a man sitting in a screening of Creed III while staring at his phone, which is ridiculously brightly lit.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 15-02-13 r_mildlyinfuriating - This guy in front of me at the movie theater. He had the brightness all the way up

The post went viral on Reddit, with many in the comments agreeing that the man's cell phone was set to an obscenely bright setting, making it impossible for others around him to enjoy the film.

"I know you don't wanna miss anything in a movie, but if you tell staff, they can come in and give him a warning," a former movie theater employee commented.

"I'd rather just say he's trying to film the movie and watch him desperately try to deny it while getting escorted from the theater. I'm not getting up more than once for that dumb ass," another user wrote.

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"I had to do this one time because this lady literally gave her child a phone to watch YouTube videos mid-movie, with the volume up! I couldn't believe it," someone else claimed.

"I was a few rows behind someone like this in a packed theater years ago, so I entertained myself by beaming him and his phone screen with the M&Ms I had snuck in," another commented.

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