Who would ever steal decorations and flowers from a grave? You’d be surprised at just how often it happens, but in this instance, a common TikTok hack helped them catch the culprit.

TikTok user @itsbernnnnn posted a video with the thumbnail that read, "Caught a thief who stole flowers from our family members gravesite using an AirTag."

The video begins with the user and her family walking in a residential neighborhood alongside police officers. They discover the large and elaborate potted plant that they originally put on their loved one's grave site, sitting outside an elderly woman's house in plain view.

They approach a woman who is seen using a walker. They show the officers and stunned woman the Apple AirTag that was hidden in the soil inside of a plastic bag.

"The disrespect and nerve people have to steal from the dead [shake my head]," she wrote in the caption. "Granny stealing at her big old age [what the f--k]?"

"Ooooo I love this. The AirTag sealed the deal. Standing there trying to look innocent…,” a person wrote while another questioned their price. “How much are AirTags? Y’all just be leaving them anywhere. This was the most unique use of an AirTag I’ve ever seen.”

“Wow and sometime[s] families think the morgue cleaned up most of the times,” one user pointed out. The creator responded, "[No but for real] and this has been going on [for] way too long."

"I imagine this HADDD to have happened before for y'all to put an air tag in it. Did she get charged??? I WANNNA KNOWWWW," one viewer wrote.

Grave robbing seems to be on the rise as numerous reports around the country have surfaced. Some have cited that even funeral directors are warning mourners about the increase in thefts for gravesites around certain seasons.

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