There are quite a few unspoken rules when boarding a flight to or from Denver International Airport. For example, you should not take your shoes off. You should keep your elbows in your space.

And you should never bring stinky food on a plane.

You would be surprised how many people ignore the stinky food rule in Colorado.

You should also be courteous when it comes to reclining your seat on a flight. Passengers have no problem rocking back and forth on their reclining seats.

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I am fine with reclining seats on a plane. I am not fine with somebody using it as a rocking chair. It is just rude. A lot of other people feel the same way. That is why reclining seats on a plane might be a thing of the past.

Reclining Seats from Denver International Airport


An aviation expert was interviewed and the reclining seat debate was brought up. He believes there are multiple reasons why reclining seats are likely not going to be an option soon.

The expert also believes that the seats will be lighter, thus saving money on fuel. Also, airlines at Denver International Airport will not have to make repairs.

Smaller Seats Also A Factor


Sometimes I can not tell if I need to go on a diet or if seats on an airplane are getting smaller.

It turns out that both of these factors are true. Economy seats are becoming substantially smaller.

Airlines are trying to fit more passengers, leaving you and I less room. Seats on major airlines are already cutting back on how far you can recline. Eventually, they will squeeze us so tight that we will not be able to recline at all.

Take a look at what one company is trying to do.

HIlariously Nasty 1-Star Google Reviews of Colorado's Denver International Airport

Visiting an airport is rarely fun. Hardly anyone reports having an intellectual experience while being funneled through TSA or spending four hours waiting to catch a connection.

Most of the time, a visit to an airport is just that - a visit to the airport. From time to time, though, trouble can arise, a flight gets delayed, Starbucks on Concourse A doesn't serve your coffee at the preferred temperature, or the bathroom runs out of paper towels.

While most flights are uneventful, some suffer what they might consider a "bad experience." Most are trivial. With that, here's a look at a selection of hilariously nasty 1-star Google reviews of Colorado's Denver International Airport.

PLEASE NOTE: Reviews are copied exactly as they appear on Google Reviews.

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