There are probably laws against tagging trains with graffiti.

But it is an American art form that can entertain us now and then.

Some of these displays are really good.

A line of cars parked on the tracks near Lost Springs Wyoming showed us some unusual and interesting art that is worth slowing down on the highway for.

Maybe even stopping for a few of them.

That's what we did.

I drove slowly and even stopped a few times as local photographer and artist Tim Mandese took these photos.

Outstanding Grifiti Train Passes Through Wyoming

We all see the graffiti on trains that pass through Wyoming.

But have you ever paused just a moment to look at it?

A lot is garbage.

But some of this still can be considered art.

Even great art.

Other times it's just an interesting message.

Grifiti art exhibit on wheels passing through America pauses in Wyoming

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

Medicine Bow Wyoming Road Art

There is a strange mind at work in Medicine Bow Wyoming.

Someone who is disturbed, yet having a lot of fun at the same time.

This person wants to share that fun with you.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods