If you were being attacked by a bear, especially in your own garage, and you had a dog, the dog would fight for you.

At the very least the dog would bark at the bear.

Cat's on the other hand...

A Pennsylvania man is probably going to sit down and have a good talking to with his cats.

He might actually tell them, "We're getting a dog."

The encounter was captured on home video and shared by the man’s wife, Lori Swartz, on Facebook.

Here is the attack, reposted, by a local TV station.

You can see a bear strolling onto the couple’s property in Danville, Pennsylvania, and disappearing into the garage as two cats watch.

The owner of the garage walks into the scene, not knowing that there is a bear.

The cats don't even try to warn their human slave.

Startled by a noise, the bear beating up their human slave, the cats jump and run.

Swartz stumbles out of the garage, holding his head.

The photo below is of one of the cats, watching the bear walk by, then watching his unsuspecting human follow.

attachment-man attacked by bear garage 1

Later, you see the bear leave.

Swartz later told FOX 56 the bear encounter was so quick that he only assessed what had happened after it left.

"My head hurt and it knocked me against the wall, little did we know until we received the video as to what happened outside, I didn’t realize I fell over the bear and continued down the sidewalk holding my head and continued into the house to retrieve a washcloth," Swartz told the outlet. "I had injuries and I had blood coming down."

attachment-man attacked by bear garage

YUP, these cats are going to really upset when the new dog is brought home.

Maybe they should have at least tried to warn him.

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