The little town of Chugwater Wyoming has just 175 people.

Two little restaurants.

Two stores.

The Tri-County Mercantile sometimes gets in unique items.

You can get a Red Rider BB gun there, like from the Christmas Story movie.

Fresh local eggs, and meat.

Anything the farm and ranch might need.

Or, buy a car.

Not a full-sized car. More like a starter car.

Photo By Tim Mandese
Photo By Tim Mandese

Love that airplane hood ornament.

With cool UW colors and POKES written on the front.

OH LOOK - There's Steamboat.

That's the horse that is used as the Wyoming and UW logo which was from the Chugwater area.

If you wanted to check the "CAR FAX" on this vehicle, it looks like it has been through more than just a few accidents.

Not surprisingly, it's been driven by young people with literally ZERO driving experience.

Some of the parts are fabricated replacements.

You know how those young drivers are.

Get them all hopped up on juice boxes and Twinkies and they'll run you off the road.

The photo below shows you the actual size of this little starter car.

Photo By Tim Mandese
Photo By Tim Mandese

She doesn't run on gas.

Fill her up with Mac & Cheese, with hotdog slices in them, of course, and off she goes.

You'll have to make your own engine noises as you peddle down the road.


There is a little squeeze horn on the side, but it needs a new bulb.

It has a windshield, but there currently isn't any plastic in it.

So, there are a few things that still need work.

But the steering is good and she peddles just fine.

That's an actual leather seat in the back. No kidding.


Old Medicine Of The Chugwater Wyoming Drugstore

If you visit the tiny town of Chugwater Wyoming you'll find the newly restored Soda Fountain.

In fact it's Wyoming's oldest soda fountain and malt shot.

It's always worth stopping in for breakfast or lunch, or maybe a shake or malt.

The place was a drug store and soda fountain for the longest time.

Back then soda was actually used to cure an upset stomach.

So what sort of old medicines were left behind by Chugwater's last pharmacist?

It turns out, some of them are on display.