Two longtime Wyoming sorority alumni have been removed from the organization after advocating that membership be restricted to biological women only.

They had been with Kappa Kappa Gamma for over 50 years at the University of Wyoming.

Patsy Levang and Cheryl Tuck-Smith were expelled after fundraising and supporting a lawsuit that aimed to remove transgender member Artemis Langford.

On the cable news show "FOX & Friends First," Allie Coghan, a Kappa Kappa Gamma alumni and a plaintiff said that the fallout from the lawsuit had been disappointing

"It was really disappointing to hear that they're being dismissed because this is retaliation against women, and it's supposed to be an organization meant for women," Coghan said.
"So to hear that they didn't want to see these brave women sticking up for us and supporting us, then, I mean, where are we supposed to go? Where are women supposed to go if a women's organization isn't going to stick up for itself?"


Levang, a past Kappa Kappa Gamma National Foundation president, said the decision made her sad.

"My heart was saddened when the current six council members voted me out. However, I will not be quiet about the truth," she said in a press release released by the Independent Women's Forum.

University of Wyoming’s Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sued the national organization in March over the inclusion of a trans woman.

A Wyoming judge had dismissed a case against the group over the right of a sorority to choose its members.

The sorority members alleged in the suit that Artemis Langford had,

"been voyeuristically peeping on them while they were in intimate situations, and, in at least one occasion, had a visible erection while doing so."


The case is before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The court will have to grapple with the question: what is a woman?

"There the issue is going to be Kappa’s bylaws protect women. It says that only women can be members," Mailman told Shimkus.


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