This is just too much fun to watch.

An outdoor gas fire pit is covered in snow.

So that means it's not working, right?

Not exactly.

So if we light it the snow melts and puts the fire out, right?


Let's see what happens in the video below as the owner of the gas fire pit lights it, under the snow.


There is another video below of a similar fire pit.

The snow will eventually melt away.

But before it does, there is enough space between the fluffy snow to allow the gas to get around it and light up.

This makes an interesting glow when the lights are turned off.

I wasn't sure how the gas would percolate through the snow. It worked great. The sound in the background is a water fountain. (nofreerides).

I don't know about you but now I want to build a gas fire pit so I can try this.

It's a lot of fun to watch the flame move through the snow.

The fire evenly spreads out and glows.

SCIENCE DUDE! -- Science.

It would be a lot of fun if the snow lasted longer.

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