Win the love and trust of your horse and you'll never have a better friend.

Sometimes your horse is your soul mate.

They know just what you're thinking and they want to be there with you.

Here is a case where there was so much new, fluffy snow on the ground it just begs for a snow angle.

So this lady decided to lie down and make one.

'Well,' thought her horse, 'that sounds like a fine idea.'

In the video below you'll see the horse join her.

That's what soul mates do.

Since we are watching this horse make a snow angel or snow Pegasus, let's have a look at other horses playing in the snow.

They love the stuff.

It seems that to a horse the snow feels good on its body, perhaps even cools them down.

We humans hate things on our skin that are too cold, but we don't mind it if we are all bundled up.

Horses are born with a thick coat, so it doesn't feel the same to them.

Rolling around in the white stuff feels great.

This next horse finds himself up to his back in the snow, AND IT'S GREAT!

It's not packed yet.

As long as the white stuff is light and fluffy then it's fun to play in.

He runs out into it and can't wait to play.

This makes me wonder what snow feels like to a horse.

Whatever it feels like it's apparently FUN!

There is an ad up front then you'll see the horse about 10 seconds into the video.

It's winter, and they can't wait to play.

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